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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Group Discussion Questions – The Class H Trilogy

A Resource For Educators and Book Clubs

The novels of the Class H Trilogy explore complex and thorny topics. The group discussion questions that follow are intended to stimulate reader dialog about immigration, the Latino identity and the warning signs of a potential ethnic conflict. Questions about the characters and plot that are common to discussions of all fiction are also included.

If you are an educator or book club member, I hope you find these questions useful. Please feel free to contact me with your suggestions for improving them.

Raul Ramos y Sanchez

Group Discussion Questions – The Class H Trilogy

Several characters changed their feelings and views during the story. Which character changed most and what motivated the change?

How would you evaluate the moral compass of each character? Did they act justly or did they simply justify their actions?

Who were the “villains” in the story? What made them “villains”? Who were the “heroes” in the story? What made them “heroes”?

Which character in the story did you identify with most?

What challenges do couples of different ethnicities face in today’s society? What unique challenges do children of these unions face?

Did any characters make you aware of the racial diversity of people labeled Hispanic? Is “Hispanic” a race?

Were you surprised to learn of the racial prejudice within the Latino community in the U.S. and in the nations of Latin America? Were you aware of the history of emnity between Spanish-speaking nations?

The terms “Hispanic” and “Latino” exist only within the borders of the United States. Given the diversity of race and culture among Latin American nations, why do you believe many people from Latin America in the United States accept the Hispanic identity?

Did the acceptance of the Hispanic identity contribute to the turmoil depicted in the story?
How would you compare the grievances of the Hispanic insurgency in the story to grievances of other wars of independence such as the American Revolution or the U.S. Civil War?

If you were one of the interned Hispanics, what would you have done differently to change your conditions?

The turmoil in the Class H series parallels similar ethnic conflicts with the Basques in Spain, the Tamils in Sri Lanka, the Chechens in Russia, and the Balkans. Do you believe a similar conflict could ever develop in the United States?

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