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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nativist national protests a total bust

The National Protests Against Obama was touted as being "unprecedented and historic" by its primary organizer ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee). They called for protesters to assemble at state capitals across the nation to denounce "Obama's totalitarian, dictatorial, and nation dividing regime." Not surprisingly, leading the list of ALIPAC's charges against Obama is his stance on immigration reform.

So how did this "unprecedented" movement fare? It's hard to tell from ALIPAC's website. As of noon Eastern Time, there are no reports regarding the turnout for this "historic" event. On the Facebook page created for the event, a couple of attendees posted photos of the massive turnout.

A Google search of news reports for the protests showed zero media coverage. In that sense alone, the NPAO was an abject failure. Without support from a Republican party no longer interested in backing a nativist "grass roots" movement, ALIPAC is being exposed for what it was all along, a haven for xenophobic crackpots.

The National Protests Against Obama Facebook page thanked those who participated, saying the NPAO was an opportunity "to stand and to walk with Americans that are willing to do more than rant on their computers."

After the event's dismal turnout, it seems computer ranting is a much more popular option for this crowd.

Raul Ramos y Sanchez

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