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Friday, August 7, 2009

"El Rey" of VivaViernes

Twitter has quickly developed a number of traditions. Perhaps most widely adopted is "Follow Friday" when tweeters recommend other folks on Twitter worth following. Soon after Follow Friday became widespread, Twitter's Latino community developed a parallel practice: Viva Viernes (Long live Friday). I'm proud to say the originator of Viva Viernes, Julio Ricardo Varela, has become a friend through Twitter. And Julio has taken Viva Viernes to a whole new level. Most weeks, Julio tweets a link to his blog where he has prepared a video celebrating his favorite tweeters for the week. The one below is his most recent example.

OK, I will confess this week's vid is especially dear to me since he puts in a huge plug for my novel, AMERICA LIBRE.

Enjoy VIVA VIERNES for August 7, 2009.


1 comment:

Julio Ricardo Varela said...

Querido hermando Raúl:

Thank you so much for these kind words. And I truly believe that your novel is incredibly original and tells a great story. You deserve all the support of this amazing community. Abrazos, Julio