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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Indigenous vs Imperialist

Composer/Performer Chief Ten Dogs
Chief Ten Dogs, composer of Indigenous vs Imperialist, tell us this song is "like if Bob Marley was a Spanish looking Sephardic Jewish Zapatista and he put out Redemption Song in the winter of 2012 hoping it would crush the iTunes charts." Give a listen:

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Indigenous vs Imperialist
© 2012 Sergio Munoz 
Indigenous: What did you do? What have you done? How could you have done the things you did?
Imperialist: I think you know. I was the One. I was ready to advance us along.
Indigenous: You cant control all that isn't yours. The advances you make will destroy us all.
Imperialist: You don't know how to measure it all. The changes I bring will help us grow.
Indigenous: In the space of time at your breakneck pace. I cant adapt to all you've done. 
Imperialist: Its not easy but you've gotta try. If you don't, life will pass you by.
Indigenous: I liked it soft and I liked it slow. I don't understand what you've come to know.
Imperialist: I told you before and Ill tell you again. Its always painful when we grow.

Chief Ten Dogs is the composer/performer persona of Sergio C. Muñoz producer at Intelatin in Los Angeles, CA where Sergio hosts a weekly cloudcast of The Academic and The Artist with co-host Dr. Jose Moreno.  

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