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Saturday, July 28, 2012

FBI may probe police shootings in Anaheim

Reuters - 6:28pm Fri. 07/27/2012
The FBI said on Friday it will consider investigating police in the city of Anaheim, following several high profile shootings by officers that have led to protests and civil unrest in the southern California city.


When people who are the victims of gang violence protest police tactics, it's time to address that grievance. 

Civil disturbances do not happen in a vacuum. When people take to the streets, there is usually a community-wide frustration that overcomes the natural tendency by most people to get on with their lives. To be sure, protests are often exploited by a minority of opportunists who stir up trouble for the thrill of it or to indulge in looting. But, right or wrong, most of the people protesting are sincerely outraged by what they perceive as callous behavior by the Anaheim police.

That's why I think an FBI investigation is in order. If the officers behaved correctly, they will be exonerated. If not, they will be disciplined. Either way, to accuse those protesting as being lawless misses the point. They live in the community and are the victims of gang violence and crime. But when they see the police as something even worse, then it's time to address that grievance.

Raul Ramos y Sanchez

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