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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Is the turmoil in England a glimpse into our own future?

The roots of the turmoil in England are a combination of demographics, an economic downturn and short-sighted government policies. The U.S. is potentially headed for a similar perfect storm and the rapidly growing Latino youth population will likely be at the center of it.

One quarter of the children under 18 in the U.S. today are Latinos. It is not hard to imagine that generation reaching their late teens and early twenties alienated by prejudice directed against the undocumented (which by extension tars all Latinos). Should the economy continue to tank, this growing number of young people will find themselves frustrated and bored, another volatile element. Finally, without humane government policies which seek to nurture our human resources rather than condemn the less fortunate, they will be left wiith little hope or opportunity.

What we are seeing in England could be a glimpse of our own future -- unless we act sensibly and humanely.

Raul Ramos y Sanchez


Zulmara said...

I could not agree more...we are creating the perfect storm and not even aware of it. I do hope Latinos wake up and give us a House and Senate that Obama can work with for immigration reform.


Anonymous said...

It could be worse, it could be Mexico. Look at the violence there.