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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Re-Run of Book Nook Radio Interview on WYSO

My Book Nook radio interview on WYSO with host Vick Mickunas will repeat again at...
11am Eastern Time 
Sunday January 30, 2011
The host of WYSO’s Book Nook, Vick Mickunas, has interviewed some of the nation's leading writers along with historians, movie stars, astronauts, and music legends. In this edition of his half-hour weekly show, Vick chats with me about the themes and characters of HOUSE DIVIDED and why Vick believes my path to publication was more extraordinary than “a bi-partisan bill in congress.”

Hope you can join us!

Time: the not-too-distant future
In a Los Angeles barrio torn by years of ethnic war, decorated U.S. Army veteran Manolo Suarez is now a rebel leader struggling to sustain a faltering insurgency—and keep his family together and alive. His deeply-religious wife opposes the fighting. His teenage son has joined an extremist group bent on attacking innocent civilians. Now Mano must battle both a U.S. government dominated by demagogues and the terrorists in his own ranks—without betraying his son or losing his wife.

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