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Monday, March 22, 2010

Immigration reform march overshadowed by health care bill?

Despite a crowd five blocks deep at The Mall in DC, yesterday's peaceful march for immigration reform did not make the online "front page" of today's NY Times or Fox News. (CBS, MSNBC and the LA Times carried small stories on their front pages.) I realize the health care bill was big news, but to ignore a march of this size is unconscionable.

Look for yourself... (Update: Now on Fox News as third tier story)

Raul Ramos y Sanchez

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Wally O'Connor said...

Unconscionable? Hey, it could be worse. For example: your book could be coming true!

Instead the phantom hate groups you keep imagining didn't show up to do horrible things. And the protesters themselves behaved perfectly.

I've got news for you: no one is showing up for this Civil War everyone keeps predicting.

The Klan you keep trying to scare people with is little more than a bunch of pathetic, aging Internet trolls like Tom Metzger. The neo-Nazis are little more than a handful of kooks and attention whores. And the Minutemen? I bet those slack jawed morons can't even find the border.

Relax, the world is not filled with people who are out to get you. Just confused, scared, foolish people trying to get by as best they can.