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Friday, August 14, 2009

MyAmericaLibre Photo Contest - Early Entries

Glad to see some of the interesting photos folks have entered so far. For those who dont know, if you post ANY photo of a copy of AMERICA LIBRE you're entered in a drawing to win $50. The shot can be in a bookstore, in your hand, on a table, you name it. ANY PHOTO of the book will qualify. But please keep it legal. Don't risk life and limb or break any laws, OK? Enter as many different photos as you like.

Post your shots on the "Photos" section on the Friends of AMERICA LIBRE Facebook page.

Or post a TwitPic at #MyAmericaLibre.

The drawing will be held August 21. Have fun and good luck!

Carolyn Gonzalez - (Frida Kahlo reading AMERICA LIBRE)

Raymond Ng

John Rivera

Melody Mangual

Efrain Ortiz

Tom Farmer

Bob Englert

Julio Ricardo Varela

Barbara Estes

Scott Willis

Austin Miller

Karla Hernanez
Elisa Molina (William is guarding the book)

@Raul_Ramos Well fed warriors make for well run revolutions! ... on Twitpic
Raymond Ng (Well fed warriors make for well run revolutions!)

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