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Monday, July 20, 2009

AMERICA LIBRE is one of Latina Magazine's "10 Hottest Summer Reads."

I'd like to publicly thank the entire team at Grand Central Publishing for their efforts in bringing my debut novel AMERICA LIBRE to such a wide spectrum of readers.

Yesterday I was thrilled to discover Latina Magazine, a monthly publication for young, influential bicultural women with nearly 3 million readers, selected AMERICA LIBRE as one of its "10 Hottest Summer Reads."

This national recognition follows the May selection of AMERICA LIBRE by USA Today as one of its coveted "Summer Reads."

I feel very fortunate for the support of everyone at Grand Central and want to acknowledge their efforts. All this is still in advance of the novel's official July 29th release!

Link to Latina Magazine site:

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Anonymous said...

I’ve just written my own novel. It’s set in the second decade of the 21st century, and it poses a chillingly credible nightmare vision . . . a Hispanic liberation movement seeking to redraw the borders of the United States.


“After years of affirmative action backlash, anger seethes in the nation’s quiet suburbs. The once-peaceful streets bristle with restless youth idled by hiring laws that favor non-whites over equally-qualified whites. When Hispanic 'activists' in Austin accidentally kill a young American of German ancestry during a Cesar Chavez Day parade, riots erupt across the Southwest.

As the war of the colors escalates, Latino vigilantes strike back with suburban shooting rampages. Exploiting the turmoil, a congressional demagogue succeeds in passing legislation that transforms the nation’s huge illegal immigrant population into American citzens.

Amid the chaos in his small Hill Country town, Siegfried Weiss is out of work and struggling to support his growing family. Under the spell of a beautiful Nordic history professor/firearms instructor, the former U.S. Navy SEAL eventually finds himself questioning his loyalty to his former beliefs - and his country.

Fast-paced and action-packed, AMERIKA ERWACHE! is a wake-up call to the dangers of extremism - on both sides of this explosive issue.”