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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Will illegal immigration be McCain’s last gasp?

The most interesting analysis following last night’s third and final debate did not come from the spin doctors.  CNN’s coverage showed a U.S. state map depicting Electoral College vote projections based on current polls. The situation looks grim for the McCain camp.

Even if the McCain-Palin ticket captures all the “battleground” states, the Democrats will still move into the White House. To win, McCain must not only capture all the contested states, the GOP must win back several states already solidly committed to the Obama-Biden ticket.

It is a desperate time for the Republicans. Don’t be surprised if McCain reverses his previous position and goes after the only issue that can stir up passionate support among conservative Democrats: illegal immigration.

It’s clear both candidates have already cast aside the mantles of integrity they wore entering the campaign. Will McCain abandon the last shred of honor and pander to the nativist fringe of the Democratic Party? He has nothing left to lose … except the election.  

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