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Friday, September 12, 2008

Just the facts

A summation of Sarah Palin’s qualifications for Vice President of the United States.

Professional qualifications:
Mayor of a town of 9,000
Governor of a state of roughly 600,000 (two years)
Has traveled to Mexico and Canada
Made a trip to Iraq, Kuwait and Germany in 2007
Met a head of state for the first time several days ago

Political qualifications:
Pro-gun, long time NRA member
Opposes abortion even in cases of rape
Supports teaching creationism in public schools
Evangelical Christian
Just your "average hockey mom"

Based purely on the facts, it’s clear the GOP enthusiasm for Sarah Palin rests far more with political orthodoxy than professional competence.

Raul Ramos y Sanchez


Anonymous said...

Mayor=executive experience and dealing with issues that affect peoples lives.
Governor=same as above on a larger scale with more responsibility and greater impact on peoples lives.

Obama, on the other hand, has never had to make decisions that affected anything except his Presidential campaign. He has spent his entire time as a Senator on the campaign trail and not participating in the Senate. He has excellent speech writters and takes his teleprompter everywhere he goes. A media created fraud with no resume and no actual experience, unless you consider community organizer as experience.

EarlTheDuke said...

To Anonymous:

That's some kinda brilliant logic there, partner. Palin's experience as an "executive" for two years over a state with a population equal to that of Joplin, Missouri trumps Obama's experience as a Senator. So tell me. Why isn't Palin at the top of the ticket instead of McCain?

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Joe Biden on top of the ticket instead of the media created fraud Obama? At least McCain is the seasoned candidate on top of the ticket instead of the other way around. Obamas time as Senator has all been spent running his campaign, not in representing his state. He did nothing in the Senate except vote "present" instead of taking a chance on a vote of yes or no. If he did nothing in the Senate there was less chance of tarnishing his image. Governmental executive experience trumps voting "present" in the Senate all day long. Barak has lost the spotlight because of Governor Palin and now all the Obamanics have their thongs jerked in a knot. Relax and watch the McCain/Palin ticket rise in the polls eveytime Obama opens his mouth.

EarlTheDuke said...

To Anonymous:

Okay, since you seem to need a civics lesson, here it is: Obama is on the top of the ticket because he won the largest number of Democratic votes during the primaries. Joe Biden was a legitimate national candidate for the Democratic nomination, finishing fifth. In short, the Dems selected two candidates who are qualified for the presidency. All you can do is try to smear Obama with unfounded charges.

Meanwhile, the McCain camp has chosen a lightweight nobody whose only "qualification" is that her extreme views will energize the far right. Don't believe me? Listen to Karl Rove belittle the credentials of Democratic Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia on Face the Nation when Kaine was being considered by Obama. Rove concludes by saying Obama's selection of Kaine would be "an intensely political choice" because Obama would be more concerned with electoral votes than choosing someone qualified to be president.

Watch Rove for yourself: