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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Strategy Session Interview on KPFK in Los Angeles

At the request of those who missed the radio show live, here is a recording of my interview on KPFK's Strategy Session in Los Angeles with host Antonio Gonzalez from March 21, 2011.

Arizona Republicans say "no mas" to punitive immigration laws

Faced with a sick economy made worse by a national boycott, Arizona Republicans finally saw the light. After a leading the nation into what many called 21st century Jim Crow laws, legislators in Phoenix pulled the plug on the latest wave of bigotry-posing-as-law. In a vote that included ten Senate Republicans, five new immigration control laws sponsored by Senator Russell Pearce went down in defeat.

Republican Senator John McComish said it best: “These immigration bills are a distraction.They could be a detriment to the growth of our economy, and they are something people don't want us to be focused on. It's time for us to take a timeout on immigration.”

Politicians in other states planning similar bills are now watching warily. The price of bigotry just went up.

Well see how many other demagogues are willing to gamble their political futures on bashing the nation's fastest growing voting group.

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