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Monday, August 3, 2009

The AMERICA LIBRE "Virtual Book Tour"

How did my experiences as an immigrant influence AMERICA LIBRE? How did I get published? Who has already voiced objections to the novel’s controversial premise? Discover these and other behind-the-scenes insights during the AMERICA LIBRE “Virtual Book Tour.” Produced by BronzeWord Latino, I will visit 15 online venues in 18 days answering questions from reviewers, writers and readers about my debut novel.


August 3: "Musings" by Nilki Benitez

August 4: "Chasing Heroes"

August 5: "Mama Latina"

August 6: "Efrain's Corner" by Efrain Ortiz, Jr.

August 7: "Writing to Insanity" by Icess Fernandez


The AMERICA LIBRE “Virtual Book Tour” continues…

August 10: "Sofrito for Your Soul" by George Torres

August 11: " Behind Brown Eyes" by Terri Molina"

August 12: "Latino Books Examiner Mayra Calvani"

August 13: "Unloaded" by Ricardo Lori

August 14: "Author Caridad PiƱiero”


The AMERICA LIBRE “Virtual Book Tour” continues…

August 17: “Author Julia Amante”

August 18: "Queer Latino Musings on Literature" by Author Charlie Vazquez”

August 19: “Speak Hispanic?" by Elianne Ramos

August 20: “Latina on a Mission”

August 21: "Carolyn in Carolina" by Carolyn Gonzalez"